Get Involved


In order to speed up the investigation into possible treatments, and a cure, for A-T, A-T Ease Foundation has made a commitment to keep the stream of funding to A-T researchers. In addition, A-T Ease Foundation strives to support children with A-T and their families by educating the general public and medical community, sharing information via our newsletters and website, and providing direct assistance for specific needs.

Without the dedication and commitment of our supporters, A-T Ease Foundation could not fulfill our mission. We try to meet the challenge every year through our Annual Focus on the Hope Benefit and Annual Bike Ride, but, as far as we are concerned, we need to do more.

We are looking for individuals and families who are willing to assist us with our fundraising efforts by doing individual fundraising events; both big and small. Until now, we have, predominantly, relied upon friends, family and colleagues to make direct financial donations to support A-T research, but in order to maintain this level of activity and research, WE NEED YOU!

Please consider getting involved with A-T fundraising! It can be both challenging and rewarding; and the best way to insure a bright future for individuals with A-T. There are a variety of fundraising possibilities and, perhaps, you will find one that is suitable for your friends and family. When making your choice, please don't think only of how much money you can raise but the impact it will have. Don't forget - every fundraiser is important, no matter how big or small. GET INVOLVED TODAY!

For more information, please contact A-T Ease Foundation.

t: 212 529 0622
f: 212 505 8031

Thank you.